Guinea pig lovers!

This website is for YOU to learn about your fuzzy friends!! Guinea pigs are the cutest, most fun, and playful- est pets ever!! But do you really know EVERYTHING about These tiny fuzzballs? All you see is: "Squeak! Squeak!" But there is a whole different world when you REALLY know these piggies!

The basic Facts:

Guinea pigs are mammals, who can be pets or live in the wild. They have a diet of hay or grass, veggies, and special pellets you can get from a pet store. They are NOT related to pigs, but they share body fetures, such as a plum, round body and leafy ears. They were originally from South America, but now they are great pets everywhere!! In this website, you will learn much more fun facts, info, and see really cute pictures!!


Guinea pig pets have a speific diet. 70% is dried hay that you can get from the pet store, 10% is special guinea pig pellets, 8% veggies, and 2% is treats. Only let guinea pigs drink WATER, Never juice or milk. Make sure the hay is clean, because guinea pigs often use it for a snack AND bedding to sleep on! they should be fed twice a day, and have their water changed either when in runs out or at least once a week.


Guinea pig babies are called pups. Pups often hav the fetures of their mother, like the color of their fur. Pups should be near their mother for at least 4 weeks, and the males and females should be seperated from mating at a young age. Guinea pig births are short, and usally nobody see it happen. It's like in the day, two guinea pigs. The next moring, there are five! Breeders sell the pups or keep them, and so if you DON'T want more guinea pigs, keep males and females away. The Ideal set is two females, because two males would fight, one of each would breed, and one by itself would be unhappy, for guinea pigs like having a buddy.

Home sweet home

Guinea pigs live in cages. They prefer to live with a buddy, since they are prey, they are usally scared and like another guinea pig to keep them company. Each cage should have one or two coverd areas, like a small plastic cave. fill the bottom of the cage with bedding or soft wood shavings so they won't hurt the guinea pig's small feet. Pellets or seeds should be kept in a bowl to keep them fresh. Follow these steps, and your Piggies will thank you for the perfect cage!

Fun Facts!!

Fun fact #1: Guinea pigs like to eat dadalion stems

Fun Fact #2: Guinea pigs from different contries can look like groundhogs!

Fun fact #3: NEVER give guinea pigs a bath in water. If water reaches their ears, they can become deaf.

Fun fact #4: Guinea pigs take DUST bathes.

Fun fact #5: Sometimes guinea pigs Popcorn when they are excited, like if you are giving them food (popcorning is like jumping around).

Fun fact #6: Guinea pigs enjoy playing outside on the grass. But watch them and make sure some hungry birds don't come....!

Fun fact #6: Guinea pigs need to have chew toys to gnaw, or else their teeth will grow too big and they can't eat.

*Link to Wikipedia about Guinea pigs*

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